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I am a practitioner of Christian Science healing and an authorized Teacher of Christian Science. On these pages you may find information about requesting Christian Science treatment or inquiring about class instruction. Members of my Christian Science Students’ Association may log in to access pages dedicated to our Association.

All the work that I do is based on the practice of the spiritual laws of God as found in the Bible and explained by Mary Baker Eddy in her textbook on Christian Science, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Please feel free to use the CONTACT ME page with any questions or comments.



One of things that drew me to Christian Science was Mary Baker Eddy’s assertion that her inspiration and revelation, based on the teachings of Christ Jesus and explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, was subject to proof: “You can prove for yourself, dear reader, the Science of healing, and so ascertain if the author has given you the correct interpretation of Scripture” (547:6). I found myself reading Science and Health with a highlighter, marking lines that were provable statements that could be tested, as well as lines that just seemed indisputably true. I wrestled with the ideas, asking God if what I was reading was true, and the answer came as healing occurred in all areas of my life.

Jesus promised that we would do the works that he did and could expect to do even greater works (see John 14:12). That’s a promise whose fulfillment I work toward every day in my healing practice of Christian Science. If you’re seeking healing, you may want to begin by reading Science and Health. The last 100 pages of that book are testimonials from individuals who were healed simply by reading it and letting the ideas uplift their thoughts of God and man. The official website for Christian Science can be found at www.christianscience.com, and it is treasure trove of resources for inspiration and spiritual growth. On that site is a page that explains the scope of services for a Christian Science practitioner: http://www.christianscience.com/member-resources/christian-science-practitioners.

If you would like to talk about the ideas or request specific Christian Science treatment for some challenge you’re facing, please use the CONTACT ME tab. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Specific treatments are $40 each, office visits are $65/hour and home visits are $75 plus mileage.


Any science has 3 phases: textbook (reading – studying), classroom (hearing – explanation), and laboratory (doing). In order to practice Christian Science with the greatest efficacy, systematic teaching is most helpful. Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “Systematic teaching and the student’s spiritual growth and experience in practice are requisite for a thorough comprehension of Christian Science” (Science and Health p 461). Her own coursebook is included in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as the chapter entitled, “Recapitulation,” and the course follows the question/answer format in that chapter.

Christian Science class instruction is a 12 day course that prepares students to practice this healing method for themselves, their families, their communities and for the world with more certain results. This class is taught once a year, and I teach my class in Charleston, SC usually during the summer months though I sometimes teach in the fall. When a student has completed the course, he or she becomes a member of my students’ Association which meets once a year for a full day for a continuing education type seminar.

If you are interested in pursuing class instruction, I would love to have you be in touch about the application process through the CONTACT ME link.


I grew up talking to God – not always listening as much as I could have, but definitely talking to God. Having an alcoholic father drove me to search for some stability and peace in my life, so I talked to God. I was angry about what I thought God had done to me, and I was afraid of what He was going to do next. Neither fear nor anger can help us to know or love God I discovered.

As a teen contemplating suicide because of the hopelessness and worthlessness I felt, I was introduced to Christian Science as explained in the textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. In that book, I found an inspired explanation of the nature of God as all good, as Love itself, and of what that meant for each of us as God’s image and likeness. It’s not too much to say that it saved my life.

The author insisted that the laws of God that she had discovered were part of a divine Science which could be practiced in our day to day lives and experienced as practical Christian healing of emotional, physical, relationship and economical challenges. Throwing off the limitations of a child of an alcoholic wasn’t a walk in the park. It took dedicated spiritual prayer, study and action, but the changes came. It also wasn’t something I did alone. I discovered that the Bible promise is true and practical: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).

Since 1988, I have been in full time healing ministry of Christian Science. I served on the Board of Lectureship from 1997 – 2010 and have been a Christian Science Teacher since 2000. It is my greatest pleasure to share with others the truths that I’ve discovered in this thoroughly Bible-based system of healing. It’s a ministry of gratitude for all the blessings that have come my way through this wonderful Science of the Christ.

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